Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Best Sales Prospecting Tools for outbound lead generation service for b2b saas, LinkedIn, Facebook using Intandemly’s Lead Generation Tool. Try 7 Days Free.

What is A sales prospecting tools? It can be anything that helps you find leads that are close to your business. The best way to get a better understanding of where prospects are and what their buying decisions are is with the use of an inbound lead generation strategy. Outbound marketing, used often by B2B companies and other businesses, is all about generating leads from those who already understand their product or service. That’s great. But, it’s not always easy when you need hundreds of qualified leads to achieve your goals for your company. You have to know how to use different types of sales tools to help you grow your business.

So, what should I look at before I start using these tools with my team? First off, I want to make sure that I’m looking at the right products. This guide will show you some great tips for discovering sales prospecting tools. Also, I will cover what each of these tools does and which one is best.

You might wonder why I would write this as an article on lead generation tools. Well, it’s because selling is an important aspect of a successful business so there are many different ways to sell your services and products. And I would like to show every one of you the top 10 outbound lead generation tools, including Intandemly’s Lead Generation Tool. So, let’s dive into them:

1. Top-Ten list of lead generation tools for b2b marketers here

2. Lead Magnet lead generation tool

Top-Ten List of Lead Generation Tools for Business Marketers 2021—2031 – Lead Magnet (Top 10)

Lead Magnet leads are usually very simple. They include what a potential buyer (a customer buying) would do in order to buy a product or service. Think of them like landing pages you click into to see if a person can help you.

Lead Magnet is all about identifying someone who has actually been identified by someone else. These people have all been successfully led to your brand. All they need to do is share you all of the things that they offer to connect with you. These are proven methods of getting to your target audience. Plus, they usually get you started on social media and email lists which are two channels that are more likely to convert. Lead Magnet lead generation tools allow you to create leads from anywhere. As a result, you gain access to almost any type of consumer audience.

This leads us to our next topic: creating sales leads from everywhere!

3. Personalized online content

Personalization is another key factor when it comes to leading your personal business. When you give consumers the ability to choose who represents your brand, then, they can be easily influenced to take action. This is because shoppers know exactly who the real deal is, so they don’t want to waste their time with something who is just pretending.

If this sounds interesting to you, Then you should consider purchasing an automated lead generation agency. With a program like ours, we can help you build personalized connections with new customers and provide you with direct opportunities to scale your own business down the road. We also provide a variety of unique strategies and tactics that each specific client needs to implement. If you’re unsure of which tactic works best, we also provide several different plans so you can pick and choose the most valuable ones.

One of our latest clients says she was able to generate 40% more leads through her website rather than traditional advertising. She said she knew immediately what ads worked best for her and which were not. It made this much difference in her bottom line.

4. Promote yourself on social platforms

Nowadays, customers expect recommendations and reviews from brands they frequent. In addition to providing links to sites, you should also promote yourself through any platforms you use. This is because social media is where consumers and businesses hang out daily. There are over 1 billion active users of social media, which means that many potential buyers see you as a credible brand.

5. Use Google Trends to identify popular products

Once you determine whether a given brand or company is trending, you need to make sure you know what kinds of items tend to trend. For instance, if a fast-food restaurant is going viral, you should probably follow that trend and try out their famous meal. Doing this will get you on top of the trends. Don’t forget to check back regularly as well; because when you find the trending products, this will mean you’ve got plenty of opportunity at making new connections.

6. Create a list of keywords and search volume statistics related to topics like #Sales, #VipListings and #JobSatisfaction, etc.

Google Trends is amazing. It gives you data on things like the following:

The income per capita in countries with the highest percentage of middle-class households (e.g., Australia, Sweden, France, the UK)

The proportion of searches in the first five minutes of a particular search term

The frequency and duration of recent searches for terms related to your category or industry

The number of mentions of a product, including both links to websites and the product itself (e.g., “best apple juice recipe”)

The total volume of paid listing listings that include a keyword or a variation of that keyword. Google Trends provides you with lots of information you can use to learn more about potential buyers and help you market to them.

7. Find the top B2B vendors with niche expertise

B2Bs are an excellent place for finding the best technology and talent in the world. However, you can’t rely solely on competition though. You also need to know how well the people in positions of power in your industry will respond to your pitches. Take note from competitors’ websites and look for vendors who make it clear that they are highly trained experts in their field. Of course, you need to know what skills and abilities your competitors possess and, therefore, which is their advantage.

8. Create your own blog or YouTube account

Do you know the secret behind being a successful Youtube star? Make sure to come up with interesting content. Your videos should always be engaging and answer questions. You might also try to include affiliate links to certain products or services. Remember to optimize every video. Finally, when choosing from the above list, ensure that your video is appealing to potential buyers who are searching for the best answers to their problems.

9. Engage with existing leads

Finding the best leads is part of your job as a marketer, but it’s also important to keep track of what leads are available. What should you ask your leads?

The main question? How far do they want to go? Is it possible to push them to change their behavior? Are they willing to invest their time and money into building relationships with you? Let’s dig into this.

10. Get referrals from multiple sources

This is a tricky, yet very important step. If you know that someone is coming in contact with your business, what is the easiest way to meet them? Most companies are happy to refer you to other businesses or individuals. However, if you are asking a prospect to refer you to others or start a conversation, they probably aren’t interested. Oftentimes, this decision could be based on a lack of knowledge of the company and a low interest in interacting with them.

However, once again you can use a lead generation agency or consult with professionals who know your industry. A lead generation agency might even use similar strategies to discover additional leads. These agencies will focus on helping people to attract prospects through effective content marketing and lead generation.

11. Conduct research about current customers

You know that sales are about closing deals. Now, what happens after all the hard work has gone into closing deals? Lots! From learning a customer as you did to learning how to use specific solutions like AdWords, you need to know what questions to ask. Do all the questions that relate to your current customer base are filled? Does your current customer base like the same products or services that you offer?

12. Conduct a webinar

There are thousands of webinars out there but one thing you have to realize is that none of those are useful. Why? Because they aren’t focused on a singular problem, the results of which will lead to a sale. Instead, they are broad-based discussions about what’s happening in your industry. Webinars like these are a great way to learn new ideas and improve your outreach strategy.

13. Go live in person

There are few things more expensive than living in your home city, meeting potential buyers, pitching an idea, and receiving a call. In a sense, live hosting can help you find a ton of free resources for your customers.

You even get to interact with your target audience, which some companies can only dream of. A live chat can help you get a feel for what it feels like to serve your customers in person. Not all live chats happen. Sometimes

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How to Present at Trade Shows, Expos and Events

How do you maximise the opportunities when exhibiting at trade shows, expos and industry events?

There is usually a huge cost in booking your space, setting up your stand and having people in attendance throughout the event so you want to capitalise on every opportunity.

I was recently asked by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia to present a session for exhibitors at their careers evening in Perth, Western Australia. At this event, 33 exhibitors representing the big four and mid-tier accounting firms, mining companies, banks and even the Tax Department would be vying for the attention of over 500 final year accountancy students from four tertiary institutions.

Below are the 12 tips I shared with the exhibitors plus a bonus tip. I’ve adapted these slightly to suit a broader exhibiting audience. Bonus Tip 13 will help you to prepare a checklist for the appearance of your people and your stand.

1. Be clear about the different profiles of people who will be attending

From these, who do you want to attract? And who would be unsuitable for your requirements? Work out your qualifying questions in advance.

You don’t want your people to be bogged down in lengthy discussions with unsuitable visitors and have the very people you want to attract walk away because they couldn’t get to talk with you.

On the other hand, beware of treating attendees as if they are ‘tyre kickers’. Some visitors who may not be the right profile for your organisation can turn out to be great word-of-mouth ambassadors. They bump into friends and associates at the event and say “You really must go and check out XYZ. They’re way out of our league but what they’re offering would be just right for you and they’re so friendly and helpful.”

2. Think like an attendee

At a Careers Expo it is likely that it is your recent graduates that the attendees will relate to. It’s not that long ago that they were walking in the shoes of the attendees. To further help this process there are two questions you need to think through:

1) What did you do when you attended events like this?

2) What else do you wish you had done and why?

Now discuss what each of you has identified from these two questions; and from this work out what you need to do to help attendees get real value from this event.

3. Your purpose in exhibiting

Your purpose in exhibiting is to be noticed, remembered, trusted and preferred. By being noticed, I’m referring to the good side of noticed. If you are still busy setting things up as the first attendees walk in, that’s the bad side of noticed!

You are on show and must be prepared and ready for the first people walking in.

4. What makes you approachable?

Smiling with an open stance – This relaxes you and your demeanor and body language give off the right message to attendees.

A readable name badge – this tells them that you are a real person rather than a company representative.

Be seen to be listening to others – when you listen others notice. Your body language is saying to attendees, “You are important.” Attendees want to talk with someone who makes them feel like that.

Being seen laughing with other attendees – This relaxes people which makes it easier for them to approach you.

5. What keeps attendees away?

Is that your attitude showing? – Sometimes team members are press ganged into assisting at careers events and other trade shows. If they are thinking, “This is a waste of time. I have more important things to do than be here” it will come across to attendees. Your thoughts and beliefs drive your body language and voice tone. People subconsciously pick up on this.

The sentry stance – arms crossed and feet apart like a bouncer at a night club. It’s the ‘Thou shalt not pass’ stance.

Looking as if you are ready to pounce – attendees don’t like to feel they are being swooped on by a bird of prey.

How you hold your brochures or booklets – without even being aware of it this can be a barrier that makes you less approachable. Put your brochures and give-aways down. They can create a barrier between you and the attendees particularly if you hold them in front of your chest.

Checking your phone – It may be a quiet moment at your stand as you talk, text or scroll on your phone. However, the message this gives off is ‘I’m busy, don’t interrupt me’. Even from a distance people will notice and avoid you. Go off your stand or to a curtained off area to make calls and check your phone.

Closed in conversation with other staff – this also gives off the ‘don’t interrupt me’ vibe.

Seen locked in a conversation with one person – this gives the ‘Oh oh’ warning. Other attendees will avoid you so they don’t get similar treatment.

6. Opening phrases

Avoid the novice opening lines such as ‘How are you? Can I help you? Need some assistance? Would you like a brochure?’

They encourage answers like “Fine”, “Good” and “No thanks, just looking” which gets you nowhere and the attendees just walk off with your brochure.

Of course some attendees may have specific questions for you and will initiate the conversation, which is great.

Good opening questions for you could include:

“What have you found useful so far?”

“What are you looking for from attending today?”

“What brings you here?”

“What would be helpful for you to know about us/our product?”

7. How attendees take in information

There are three main ways people take in information:


Attendees are being bombarded by sensory stimuli every second that they are at your event. While different types of attendees will have more of a bias towards one than the others, all three factors are involved in them absorbing information; and research shows that up to 95% of the impressions that are created may be happening at a subconscious level.

You need to be aware of this and be doing everything possible to be viewed in the most favourable light.

Just as one example of the visual stimuli let’s consider personal presentation. You need to have a smart, casual image perhaps in matching uniforms or t-shirts and be well groomed. From my experience, most exhibitors do this fairly well… from the ankles up. Below the ankles is often forgotten. Yet it is sending a message even with students at a careers expo. What message does the state of your footwear give them about accuracy, professionalism and attention to detail in your company?

8. Your purpose in answering a question

When you answer an attendee’s question you have three objectives to meet:

1) To answer concisely and accurately
2) To phrase your answer in a way that is easy for the attendee to understand
3) To make the person feel good about having asked the question

It is this third objective that most people rarely think about.

Yet, it is crucial to making the attendee feel comfortable with you. Many attendees worry about asking ‘dumb’ questions and as a result don’t really open up and share with you their queries and concerns. When you make them feel good they become more confident and are more likely to share the real issues that matter to them. For example you can say, “I’m glad you asked”, “That’s a good question”, “That’s interesting, I haven’t been asked that today.”

9. Identify the common point of interest

Initial conversation is about establishing common ground. Ask open-ended questions that are likely to identify a connection then share an insight that is relevant to them. For example at a Careers Expo this is likely to be – “I never realised till I started working here that…”

Match your ‘common point of interest’ (CPI) to the individual. It’s not a standard point. You may have three or four alternative insights that you can select from. These are things that give them a behind the scenes glimpse of what it’s like to work for an organisation like yours.

10. Your ‘What Next?’ strategy

Having identified suitable candidates, be clear about what you want them to do and what you will do. Have a couple of clearly crafted and agreed upon action statements to guide them to the next step.

For example, “Based on what you’ve said I should get your details and…” or “Have you registered for our… yet? Here’s what you need to do.”

11. Engaging with multiple attendees when one-on-one isn’t possible

Most of us are more confident when directing our comments and attention to one person. At an event like a careers expo this isn’t always possible. Here are some pointers:

Don’t focus purely on one member of the group

Use inclusive body language

Deflect one comment or question to the others after acknowledging the first person e.g. “Good question, is that something that would be of interest to others here?”

Ask (then address) a specific qualifying question of the group and gauge the reaction of different attendees. Aim your follow up comments at those who are with you. That way, some may drop off and other attendees who are interested can take their place.

12. Disengaging from people who corner you

Use active listening techniques to get them to the point. After confirming understanding, follow up with, “I’d best not dominate your time here, I’m sure you’ve others to check out. By all means come back if you’ve any further questions.”

Have a recognised rescue code with your colleagues. Even if everyone else is involved with other attendees, you can call out, “Does anyone have our D3 flyers?” This could be code for, “Help, someone rescue me fast!” A colleague then might say, “Sorry I think we’re out of the D3 flyers but I’ve got an attendee here who is asking a question that relates to your area of expertise. Could you join us for a moment?”

If you need to move on unsuitable candidates do so tactfully without offending them. Rather than “No, you don’t qualify because your grades aren’t good enough”, phrase it as “Provided your grades are…” And rather than a blunt statement of your criteria along the lines of “To be considered you must…” phrase it “Our current criteria for selection are…” The implication is then at some time in the future there may be opportunities for this attendee. As we all know, some people are late bloomers and we don’t want to belittle them when there is no need to.

The tips above were written for a short careers evening. Many of the events you exhibit at will be a lot longer from field days at regional expos to two or three day exhibitions. Here is an important tip for these longer events.

13. Bonus Tip: Prepare a checklist for the appearance of your people and your stand

Wear smart, comfortable footwear each day. If you have inappropriate footwear, your feet and back will soon be aching and you will spend more time sitting down. This makes you look less welcoming and approachable – unless you are sitting down with an attendee.

The stand should be as presentable 35, 65 and 95% of the way through the event as it is at the start. Your most valuable client can arrive at any time and they will judge you based on what they see.

Regularly check your display and promotional materials and ensure they look ‘picture perfect’.

Dirty coffee cups should be kept out of sight. It’s amazing how they take away from the professionalism of your stand.

Do not eat at your stand.

These are just a few of the points to include on your checklist. Go over this prior to each event and seek input from all team members who will be on show. Your reputation is at stake which makes this an invaluable exercise.